Our Clients

We work on the management and execution of the digital marketing strategies with the following companies.

  • Soho Media was a key element on Ironhide Games Studio's social strategy achieving an excellent communication with the communities on our social networks and an improvement on our users' perception.
    Their management allows us to be updated on the users' opinions but, at the same time, keeping focussed on developing our products.

    Alvaro Azofra,
    Co-founder at Ironhide Game Studio

  • Soho Media has been fundamental to support us with the daily management of our social networks. It allowed us to become closer to our clients, offer more information about our products and keep them updated with our news.
    Additionally to their excellent service, Soho Media's team deals with every situation professionally and with ease, always reaching a positive result for all parts involved without losing the needed kindness when treating our costumers.

    Florence Berthelemy,
    CEO at Óptica Florida

  • Working with Soho Media allowed us to make a great improvement with our customer relationship management.
    Our effort become more effective and the company's internal organization has improved drastically.
    This helped us to achieve a better brand positioning. Without any doubts I would recommend working with them.

    Mariela Zarzabal Iglesias,
    Director at Café Costura Montevideo